about IRST

The Romanian Institute of Schema Therapy was born out of its founding members’ wish and passion for Schema Therapy. We are a professional association acknowledged by the Romanian College of Psychologists and the International Society of Schema Therapy. We intend to promote this psychotherapeutic method throughout the Romanian space and educate the interested public on the mental health issues as they are understood in the light of the theory advanced by schema therapy.


a bit of history

Jeffrey Young, the father of schema therapy, worked for a while with Aaron Beck and noticed in his practice that classical cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is less effective in the case of patients with borderline personality disorder. Following these observations, he proceeded with combining classical cognitive-behavioral theory with elements from Gestalt therapy, object relations theory and experiential techniques, developing an integrated eclectic model, effective in the treatment of cases resilient to the classical treatment. Slowly, the use of this kind of therapy extended to clients with narcissistic personality disorder, patients with cluster C personality disorder, and there are nowadays ever more studies showing the effectiveness of schema therapy for a broader category of patients deemed challenging and unresponsive to run-of-the-mill treatments.

Jeffrey Young

Father of the method – efficiency for those who were not responding to the treatment

Eclectic integrative method

Schema Therapy contains cognitiv, experiential and behaviour techniques

Efficiency on large groups

Efficiency on difficult cases – studies proves efficiency in difficult moments

our story

Cristina, Roxana and Petrișor discovered schema therapy and passionately read the books on this therapeutic method found on the Internet. They gathered their forces, united by the effort to bring this therapeutic process in Romania, as well, at a certification level.


Each of them has contributed to how the story of the Romanian Institute of Schema Therapy was written, being the first association of its kind in Romania and the first to offer training courses aimed at certification in Romanian, under the guidance of accredited trainers and supervisors.

our goals

We wish to bring schema therapy closer to you, both by means of training courses and workshops held by Romanian and foreign trainers. We provide basic training in schema therapy for work with adults in individual therapy, as well as for work with groups, teenagers, children and couples.

Our team

As we said earlier, we are the three founders of this institute that led to representing Schema Therapy in Romania. Below you can see more about us.

Cristina Sterie psihoterapeut

Cristina Sterie


We need to let go of what does not belong to us in order to be able to grow and walk our own path.


Roxana Nicolau

Roxana Nicolau

Vice President

Although facing one’s own vulnerability might seem a difficult task, it can also be a healing experience.

Petrisor Tepurlui

Petrișor Țepurlui

Secretary general

Be the change you wish to see in the world! (M. Ghandi)


Oana Cobeanu

Coordonator filiala Cluj

Pe vremuri ascultam cu interes și fascinație oamenii, vedeam lumea prin ochii lor.

Diana Teodorescu

Coordonator Filiala Iasi

Fii tu însuţi! Toţi ceilalţi sunt deja luaţi!  (Oscar Wild)

Florentina Popișteanu

Relatii cu publicul

Oricand pregatita sa va asiste!

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