ST certification and supervision

Training for certification purposes

The training program for certification purposes comprises a number of 40 training hours. These are divided into theoretical and practical hours, the attendants having the possibility to exercise the concepts and techniques explained during training.

The certification of this program is acknowledged by the International Society of Schema Therapy and attendants shall receive degrees acknowledged by this institution.

The training hours, however, are not enough to obtain the certification. This also requires a number of supervised hours, which can be held upon the completion of the training program.

Training in Schema Therapy for groups and couples, as well as the one for children and teenagers, entails accumulating a minimum of 12 hours in Individual Schema Therapy.

Supervision and certification

The number of supervised hours depends on the desired type of certification.

The STANDARD certification requires 20 supervised hours and presenting a minimum of two cases, one of which shall be videorecorded. One fully videorecorded session shall be presented for scoring, accompanied by a case conceptualization, and shall be the requirement to obtain the certification.

Persons with a STANDARD level certification can become schema therapists, but may not be trainers and supervisors on this therapeutic path.

The ADVANCED certification requires 40 supervised hours and presenting a minimum of 4 cases, two of which shall be videorecorded. Scoring shall require presenting 2 video recordings that comprise full sessions, with two different clients, and display different personality disorders and coping modes.

Those who receive certification as advanced schema therapists shall be eligible to apply, after a minimum 3-year period and going through a series of mandatory webinars, for the status of schema therapy supervisor and trainer.

Standard certification

Schema Therapy therapist rights

Advanced certification

You can apply as supervisor and trainer

Supervisor and trainer

You can teach others Schema Therapy

Rating for certification purposes

In order to receive a score, required to obtain the certification, you have to be assessed by an independent evaluator, which should also preferably be your supervisor.

To that end, you need to send the video recording of one session, together with the case conceptualization for the respective client, to the evaluator assigned by your supervisor.

The standard certification requires you to receive a score of 4 out of 6.

The advanced certification requires you to receive a minimum score of 4.5 out of 6.

ISST-accredited IRSTS supervisors and raters

We aim to bring Schema Therapy closer to you, both through training courses and workshops conducted by Romanian and foreign trainers. We offer basic training in Schema Therapy for working with adults in individual therapy, as well as for working with groups, adolescents, children, and couples.

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Roxana Nicolau


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